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ACS 3D Secure

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Online Shopping

The ongoing shift in consumer trends driven by younger demographics coupled with advancements in financial technology has propelled e-commerce to overtake in-person payments as the preferred payment method. Online purchases have become a regular part of our lives and the transformation has only been accelerating in the post-COVID era.

With all this new opportunity arising, new challenges have emerged as well. Card-Not-Present (CNP) transactions have traditionally been more susceptible to fraud compared to in-person EMV-based transactions. CNP transactions do not require a physical card to be present to initiate the transaction; instead the customer has to provide sensitive information in order to complete the payment. CNP transactions also typically require multiple systems to interact with one another which increase exposure and risk by providing more vectors for attack. As a result, CNP transactions provide an easier avenue for initiating fraudulent transactions.

In addressing these pressing problems, the demand for robust online security has soared to whole new level, where new methods are continuously being developed to address the evolving threats. Cross-channel security for CNP transactions is becoming paramount as the total cost of data breaches and fraud losses amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars annually. Therefore As AEON, we cut no corners when it comes to online fraud.

To shield issuers and cardholders against e-commerce fraud, AEON’s payment platform includes an EMV 3-D Secure Access Control Server (ACS) authentication service for remote card payments. ACS handles authentication processing for in-app purchases and browser-based transactions.

Key features supported

  • Multi-lingual authentication screens for browsers and mobile apps.

  • Integration with AEON’s notification service to deliver One-Time-Passwords for authentication

  • Transaction history search and auditable system logs

  • Digital certificate and hardware-encrypted key management utility

  • Supports merchant whitelisting as additional security.

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