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Fraud Management

In today’s digital world it is imperative for card issuers and payment service providers to be proactive when it comes to fraud mitigation and risk management. Continuous monitoring and adaptation of fraud strategies can help reduce fraudulent transactions that can incur significant economic, operational and reputational costs.

As fraudsters keep developing more sophisticated and well-coordinated attacks to steal customer account data and perform unauthorized transactions, fraud prevention, detection and resolution strategies and mechanisms need to be effective and up-to-date.

While our experienced compliance team ensures industry-compliance at all times, AEON’s fraud management solution  scrutinizes authorizations and transactions without affecting the customer experience. 

You are given the ultimate control in setting your own rules and in managing the identified potential fraud cases. Whether you prefer to block transactions based on extensive criteria or simply flag them for investigation, the entire workflow from fraud detection to resolution is pre-determined and controlled by you. And as the nature of the treat constantly evolves, you can identify and correct weaknesses in your fraud management strategy through meaningful data analytics.

Key features

  • Pre-authorization screening and decision-making

  • Workflow and case management for transactions flagged as fraudulent

  • Identification of compromised cards and their proactive replacement

  • Alert customers when possible fraudulent transaction has taken place

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