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Value-added Services

  • Sandbox
    We maintain a Sandbox environment that can simulate the entire end-to-end account and transact flow, and we provide a Sandbox support service. This enables you to integrate your ecosystem via our RESTful APIs ahead of time, and reduces the project implementation timeline.
  • Project Management
    Benefit from our years of experience in Payment System project implementation and management, in particular if you are new to the Payment business. Our experienced team will help you minimize the project risks and timelines, and hence help you control the related costs.
  • Data Migration
    Based on our experience with a large number of diverse and complex data migration projects, we have developed our own data mapping and conversion tools as well as migration specific reconciliation and testing, to ensure that the transition from your current to our platform is transparent to your customer.
  • Custom-Built Functionality
    With over 30 years of experience in the payments business and a technical team specialized in several technologies, our understanding allows us to truly understand your needs and deliver custom-built functionality with speed and quality, no matter the complexity in size and scope.
  • Dashboard
    Monitor your financial activities in real time via useful business, operational and technical metrics such as transaction volumes, notification delivery, resource utilization, active connections and so on.
  • Reconciliation and Financial Analysis
    Acknowledging the power of timely knowledge and business intelligence, we provide comprehensive reconciliation reports, statistics and meaningful data, enabling you to easily access financial data and realize informed decision making. We verify system accuracy, identify and report inconsistencies in a timely manner, oversee the scheme settlement process and provide a comprehensive cost analysis. Our financial analysts can develop ad-hoc reconciliation and financial reports, specifically designed for your organisation’s operations, and share them on a daily basis. We offer the option of developing an ad hoc general ledger platform, turning the transactions and data processed by our system into meaningful financial reporting data being the backbone of the accounting system of your organization.
  • A.I. Forecasting and Data Analytics
    Our data scientists, utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, design and implement intelligent solutions custom-tailored to your organization’s needs. We provide you with real-time data analysis, drawing insights and identifying trends to help you track your progress and drive growth. From advanced data visualizations to custom A.I. forecasting models, we enable you to exploit the potential of your data and assess risks, optimize costs, and enhance decision-making.
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