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Merchant Acquiring


The ability of businesses to constantly adapt to the evolving market demands has always been instrumental for growth and success. The digital revolution in the area of monetary transactions and the radical transformation of the commercial ecosystem has practically compelled all merchants to scramble and adopt new means of accepting payments.

AEON offers a wide range of acquiring services from simple acquiring processing to a custom tailored, end-to-end solution for every merchant. We leverage the power of our processing platform to facilitate all modern forms of payment acceptance and process transactions on your behalf while maintaining compliance, security and data integrity.

Paying at the Store


With your ability to accept payment cards that belong to international payment schemes, you can significantly expand your brand’s reach into new markets and conduct business with a global network of potential customers.


Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce retailer, AEON merchant acquiring services provides you with all the necessary means to seamlessly accept and process card payments either in closed-loop payment ecosystems, or globally from cards belonging to major payment brands.



We support all the latest POS technologies, allowing you to receive secure payments from a variety of different payment channels, in-person or remotely.


Remote, cross-channel payments are decidedly the future so tap into the digital marketplace and generate new sources of revenue with AEON’s payment acceptance solutions.


Our reconciliation and analytics team provides detailed reporting of your business’s day-to-day transactional activities, ensuring timely knowledge and key insights over your revenue streams.

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