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Payment Processing


Dynamic, seamless, reliable end-to-end processing

A world-renowned payment processing platform constitutes the backbone of our operations. It is highly reliable, designed to handle volume at speed, while offering a wide variety of features and functionality geared to process any transaction anywhere at any time.

Its authorization engine handles dynamic message switching and real-time authorization at over 100 TPS, with 99.999% uptime. Its multi-channel capabilities allow consolidated issuing and acquiring operations, enabling lean data handling, transaction process automation and reliable end-to-end processing.

Flexible, market-adaptive and future-proof

We are complimenting and enriching this payment processing platform with our own fintech capabilities, from RESTful API integration to bespoke solutions, allowing you to deliver your unique ideas fast to market.

We pay close attention to the ever-changing industry norms and trends, keeping our solution at all times compliant with Payment Scheme mandates and investing and adopting new, emerging technologies, while continuously also refining our practices, policies and methods to stand the test of time.

Cloud-based, agile and highly scalable

Our entire infrastructure resides on the cloud, hosted by Amazon Web Services. This approach in addition to our rapid deployment methodology significantly boosts our speed-to-market capabilities, allowing you to go to market and launch new products quickly and effortlessly. In a highly demanding industry, this grants you a critical advantage over the competition in terms of agility and flexibility.

Our cloud-based platform is easily adjusted to the needs of businesses of every size. As your business grows, we have the ability and agility to instantly commission additional resources to handle the increasing transaction volumes, and as hardware technology improves, we can seamlessly migrate onto faster and more powerful machines in order to keep you at the leading edge of market performance.

As new security mechanisms evolve, we make sure to adapt the various system components accordingly and to stay Payment Scheme and PCI compliant at all times. In case of additional regulations that may exist in your domestic market, our compliance team will provide you with the necessary functionality to ensure full compliance.

Stable and Secure

We are PCI DSS certified, our operations are automated and managed by an experienced team applying best-practice operational and monitoring standards to ensure uninterrupted, flawless services, so that your customers can enjoy your payment solutions anywhere, anytime.

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