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Meeting the needs of young
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Social Media Integration

For the young it is all about speed and convenience.
With AEON’s payment solution you can guarantee a seamless payment experience, and enable your customers to control their own spending behaviour.


Money Transfer

Allow your customers to view their transactions or statements and make payments directly from their preferred social media. AEON has integrated its platform with all major Social Media platforms.


Quickly transferring pocket money, or splitting a bill with a friend? With AEON’s solution fund transfer is simple and reliable. Supporting Visa Direct, MasterCard MoneySend and bespoke solution through AEON’s switching capabilities.

Buy now, pay later
Secure finance for the underbanked
Online Shopping

“Buy now pay later”, allowing customers to purchase products instantaneously and pay for them afterwards, has become very popular in the recent years and the market is expected to witness significant growth. With AEON’s solutionyou can participate in this business and offer installment payments, whereby the risk can be covered by the issuer, or by the acquirer.


AEON offers technology and back-office operations for secure, end-to-end funding outside traditional banking. From biometric enrolment to cost-effective to reliable cash dispensing, with AEON’s solution participants reliably receive funding and funders have full transparency.

Payroll Solutions

If you issue and acquire using a single card for both, your private label network as well as the Payment Schemes, offers convenience to your cardholder and dramatically reduces your costs.

Multi-channel acquiring

Payroll cards are an ideal tool to securely pay wages and enable people without bank account to participate in the world of electronic payments.

With general re-loadable cards you can foster financial inclusion and provide bank account-like services.


Multi-channel acquiring

Your merchant needs physical and virtual payment tools combined under one billing entity, settled in near real-time? With AEON you have a wide range of acquiring channels to offer, from physical POS to mPOS and API based endpoints, and you can offer settlement at any frequency.

         Core Banking

Discover a seamless way to transact with our innovative account-to-account payment solution. Say goodbye to traditional payment methods and hello to efficiency and convenience. Our platform facilitates swift transactions directly from one bank account to another, eliminating the need for cards or cash. Enjoy the ease of transferring funds securely, anytime, anywhere. Embrace the future of payments with our hassle-free solution.

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